This years Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna, brought to our notice a few new names that appeared as highly interesting new talent and that we promised to continue to keep casting an eye over, as their post contest careers developed.

Of our chosen favourites, Belgium’s Loïc Nottet proved to be the one that got us hugely burning with interest owing to his quirky, off-beat entry “Rhythm Inside”.

We quite saw, that on the back of Eurovision, “Rhythm Inside” held great potential to unlock a considerable European following, ensuring at least that Loïc would have an accessible market in place when releasing new material.

Happy to say much of Europe have indeed embraced the track with the backing it deserved. Not only this, even though “Rhythm Inside”has been subject to two differing visual treatments already, a third interpretation has now been bestowed upon it.

This time about, Loïc invites us into a futuristic under-world, governed by dark forces, possibly of an alien nation, if the last few seconds of the clip are anything to go by!

The ending is somewhat abrupt and leads much to the thinking that there could actually be more to come from this, like as part of a trilogy perhaps? …….. The sub-titling on Loïc’s YouTube account does list this new clip as being ‘Part 1’, so we’d like to think that there will be new material on its way out pretty soon. Let us also recall that Loïc has made it known he is a huge fan of Sia, so I’m quite of the train-of-thought Loïc might take a lead in replicating this artistic concept choice being that it was the chosen promotional tool used by his idol!

Suffice to say, a re-posting of this track and the new video treatment just give us an extra reminder of how contemporary modern, alternative pop made it into Eurovision this year. And also, we wouldn’t wish to be one step behind on a developing story-line, if it turns out that our assumptions on this possible video series, are in anyway proved right.

Anyways what is the harm in enjoying “Rhythm Inside” some more!

None, say I.