When embarking upon his latest third album “Portrait Of A Chameleon”, American Idol runner-up Blake Lewis took to opening a Pledge Music campaign to realise its subsequent release through his own independent label Audio Day Dream Records.

The experience undertaken by this route of fanbase-assisted projects has increasingly proven to reap rewards for artist and fan alike within the current unstable music climate. Moreover, by the sense of involvement in the process which goes some way in reinforcing the true worth of creativity and giving insight upon the actual extent of work that goes into achieving the recording and releasing an album.

Following up upon “Portrait Of A Chameleon’s” release this past spring now’s the time for Blake to begin visualizing the experience as he works his dream boy looks into a total embracement of the 80’s on album cut “Retro Romance”.

Seriously there’s an overload in throwback of 80’s referencing through-out the lyrics which has now been realised in visual content also. This track just gives out heaps of fun and vibrancy through the addition of vocoders and 8-bit sound and visual re-enactment.

Mores to the point, Blake gets extra kudos from me for bringing back the first virtual music TV host, the bizarre Ma…Ma.. Mmmaaaaaa…… Max Headroom.

FREE DOWNLOAD “Retro Romance” by Blake Lewis (via Soundcloud)

Portrait Of A Chameleon” is out now via iTunes