Coming out of a 4 year long hiatus and continuing to forge their way pioneering female led electronica, the formidable driving force of Client re-enters the overall bigger electronic picture of things, shaped up with a fifth studio album “Authority” teamed from therein, with gleaming new single “Refuge”.

Most noticeably here, you will be aware that Client B former Dubstar lead singer (and rumoured to have resumed the role) Sarah Blackwood has departed the group, with the incoming vocals now being taken up by the newly appointed Client N, Nicole Thomas a singer/songwriter and PR manager from Bristol.

Alongside, original Client auteur Kate Holmes (Client A), Nicole joins in building out the steely, propulsive new-wave outreaching body of sound, which today appears developed out of a hybrid method gleaned of a mixture of Golden Filter and Ladytron combined.

Client adhere all of the cutting dramatic spirit of the “Refuge” soundtrack with the in-keeping visual aesthetics of thriller and suspense on the accompanying video.