The Modern Strangers are an emerging indie pop band who also bring electronic keyboard elements into their music.I have had my eye on the Kent-based project for a while yet haven’t written about them before. As I felt, there was a little work still to be done on refining their signature sound. Nevertheless, the outfit has been working their socks off this year, hitting stages at summer festivals (such as Latitude, Isle of Wight, Standon Calling and The Great Escape among others.) Also whipping up support from Radio 1, Virgin Radio, Amazing Radio and Radio X, and a feature on the BBC’s documentary “The Secret Science of Pop.” In follow up to promising debut EP “Meltdown Mechanics” comes “Red Strip Lights” the band’s most coercive effort thus far. It is the track which has now switched me on to them and is stirring up some excitement in me.

Red Strip Lights” is a psychedelic electro track with a huge, addicting chorus. The track is bright with sound, the vocal delivery is tinged with darkness. It runs the line of catchy songwriting, meets bold lyricism topped off with a slightly gloomy, Joy Division-style attitude. The track brings to mind the type of big sounds which seem destined to be played in an arena setting. While I note their refreshing pop style as being crisp indie and sleek disco, it’s fair to say they are a bit of all this and more. For me “Red Strip Lights” is where brothers Max and Archie Davenport, make a huge leap. It is my opinion, the sleek brooding style of the track which takes in nostalgic soundscapes is pointing the way forward for the band.

Speaking of the video, the band said,

“We recorded the video, the day after we got back from touring. We really wanted to work with Toby the director as he’s a brilliant animator too. The Idea was to create a live performance against a green screen to let Toby do his magic. Probably, helps it’s in red too; Not sure, we looked our best after a few weeks away…”

As The Modern Strangers music video debut, they have smashed it. The clip works competently as a visual introduction to the band. We certainly get a sense of what it feels like to see them perform live. Getting a crowd swaying and punching the air to their music will be no problem for this band. Likewise, festival goers are sure to cooperate like putty in their hands.

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