I would be lying if I said I was clued up on the K-pop music scene. However, I have it on good authority that both U-KNOW and MAX CHANGMIN, otherwise known as the K-pop duo TVXQ! are regarded as legends in their field. Therefore, I chose to post about them today, since they are marking 20 years since their debut, by releasing their 9th full-length album “20&2.” Where TVXQ! is also simultaneously releasing the track “Rebel,” supported by the official music video.

I believe it’s high time to share a massive dose of dynamic electro-pop on the blog. This is especially important because many pop releases were pushed to the fore in the run-up to the festive holidays. “Rebel” is a track that truly fits the bill on this account. It brings a blast of energy, and the lyrics, which include some English spoken parts, help to convey a message that the ‘true rebel of an era’ isn’t someone who simply opposes conventional notions, but someone who unwaveringly pushes forward with their beliefs.

What I lack in my understanding of the K-pop genre. I have at least grasped that Asian pop acts tend to go all out when creating spectacular music videos. When sharing their latest visual the duo do not disappoint. I do know that it would be remiss of a K-pop act not to include a choreographed dance routine in their visual aesthetic, in fact, they are famed for this. Since TVXQ! don’t do small-scale operations, this video clip is spectacularly epic. Bringing a full measure of spellbinding dance moves and drama.

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Rebel” is a fierce introduction to the TVXQ! album “20&2“. A release which showcases a diverse range of music styles. With a total of 10 songs, this album encompasses TVXQ!’s past, present, and future, making it a meaningful album for artists and fans alike.

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