When a new pop artist appears, I don’t always fall in love with them immediately like everyone else. When this happens, I ask myself; what is it about this artist that everyone else finds exciting but doesn’t appeal to me? Nine times out of ten, it just comes down to having more than one track to listen to. Her indie-pop-shoegaze blend has made Australian artist on-the-rise Hatchie (Harriette Pilbeam) a hit almost everywhere she goes. As my lightbulb finally went off on her and I was just getting into the music, she had already tied up the promo on the debut album, “Keepsake.”

Hatchie is back with her sophomore album “Giving The World Away” out April 22nd on “Secretly Canadian“. She has commenced teasing single releases. The latest, “Quicksand,” sees her in a dreamier, electronic place than that of her debut material. If I had heard this track when Hatchie first broke out four years ago. I would have gone nuts over it. With the raw emotion of the lyricism on this track, there comes something of a new softness about her. I like it. Thoughtful and melodic pop music that really comes from the heart.

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Quicksand” is about dealing with the realisation that you’ll never be satisfied,” Pilbeam comments.

While, Director Nathan Castiel said of the video, “for “Quicksand‘, I created a video that plays off of some tropes of Hollywood glamour in a melancholy and surreal way.”

If you are craving something a bit different than the usual hyped-up pop releases which fill up the music charts. I think you will find “Quicksand” by Hatchie is an utterly enjoyable listen.

OK, it took me some time to get a feel for the music, but sometimes it happens that way. Because of this track, I am now firmly switched on, to Hatchie, and I see no going back.

The album “Giving The World Away” comes out via Secretly Canadian on April 22nd – Pre-order HERE

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