Although I would never rule out Aiden Grimshaw returning to music (knowing he has recorded under various guises before). Nonetheless I was thrilled when learning about his new track, “Pretender.” Especially since this is his first release under his own name in years. In all honesty I don’t expect euphoric pop songs from Aiden, as it’s just not his vibe. Yet, the dreamily brooding, dark electronica track was perfectly, suited to his style. Similarly as everyone else. I allowed the song to envelop me and subsequently have ended up craving more. Although I felt it a long shot. I couldn’t help but yearn for a video for this incredible new release.

For that reason, when I noticed Aiden mentioning the words video on his socials, I couldn’t help but smile. Since again, it’s been a while since he last shared a visual element. Even so I was eager to see a music video from him, be it simply a performance-style clip. The visual directed by Bobby Pook isn’t exactly a performance clip, it still evokes a sense of contemplation and singing along as though, he is hearing the song played on the radio.

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More importantly, I am so happy to hear that Aiden is finally feeling like he’s on the right path. It’s always exciting to see our hard work come to fruition, and I can only imagine how thrilling it must be for him to have music coming out. It is still amazing that he’s written these tracks over the last 10 years and that they finally seeing the light of day. The ones he wrote with friends and just for himself, even if he didn’t know what to do with them at the time. I am looking forward to hearing the little four-track EP he’s putting together.

“It’s been awesome to reopen projects from almost 10 years ago relive some of the memories and reconnect with the tunes! Weirdly this song (“Pretender“) makes way more sense now than it did when I wrote it”. Aiden says

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