I discovered that the Danish pop star Oh Land was getting ready to drop her sixth album, “Loop Soup,” a few months ago. (The album eventually came out in September, following the release of the singles “Bleeed,” “My Freak,” and “Bucket List.“) Naturally, I was curious to give it a listen. Snatching some quiet time this weekend, I relished the opportunity to check it out.

Diving into “Loop Soup“, I found it consistent with her music aesthetic. In that, Oh Land’s Nanna has been experimenting with various music styles. She has incorporated quirkiness, soulful funk, and sounds from the 70s discotheque, along with the all-important synths – that I personally enjoy.

Moreover, each of the chosen singles of this album showcases a different aspect of Oh Land’s musical artistry. However, after listening to “Loop Soup“, I feel there are also tracks that better exhibit the style of some of her older revered releases. And yet, with that said, it is a shame that I missed out on the arrival of the latest single, “Bucket List.” Especially since the quirky little diddy is a real gem among the single releases. Nanna explained to Flood Magazine, “This song is a bucket list of things I want my love to do, in case I die first.”

Strangely, bearing in mind the promotion cycle completed for this project, thus far, only one music video has been released to date. Although, happily, this is the clip for the standout track with a noticeable electronic style similar to Röyksopp, “Pressure’s On“. This magnificent song encourages us to be kinder to ourselves, reminding us that not everything in life is a challenge. It emphasizes the importance of being mindful of our wellness and not hesitating to ask for help when needed.

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Nanna has mentioned that “Loop Soup” is a personal album. As I interpret it, the track “Pressure’s On” references the beginning of her music career. (She embarked on music after she sustained a back injury and could no longer pursue a career as a ballet dancer.) Recently, she released a majestic virtual reality clip created by the Danish interdisciplinary artist Ida Kvetny. The stunning video features a fembot figure gracefully dancing a ballet sequence against an otherworldly backdrop of cloud-like formations. This is where I sensed Ida’s visual supports my theory. Moreover as the clip seemingly represents the mind and relates to mental health.

I am grateful that the “Pressure’s On” video popped up on my timeline a few days ago. Since it spurred me to listen to this glorious album. “Loop Soup” has some real gems on it – “100% Terrible,” “Artists Don’t Smile,” “Waiting,” “Bucket List,” and “I’d Rather Sing.” I highly recommend giving it a listen.

You can stream the album HERE.

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