Le Grind

We have found, disco pop doesn’t come more sassily delivered than the perkily formed ditties by purveyors of dancefloor exuberance Le Grind.

The band of three electro boogie makers continue their winning streak, in their usual manner of outlandish retorts, put to a pulsating disco beat and coming at us with a whole lotta sing-rap patter from vocalist in command Reyna.

So what is the hot topic up for discussion on this club night out, we wonder? What has got the Le Grind machine steamed up and pumping the gossip gas?

Well to put it in the words of Le Grind, new single “Pillow Talk” is the ‘story of that boy who promises you everything until he dips his wick and slips out quick’.

We hear you, Reyna. We so hear you!

When it comes to visualizing the spilling of this particular disco damning tittle-tattle, Le Grind go full-on forwards with a DIY approach. This meaning they have self-produced this promo effort under their own esteem.

In between seeing Reyna verbally knocking down the dastardly dude who has been giving our disco diva the slippery moves, the small amassed bar-side gathering introduce a dance move called they’ve dared to christened the ‘Tinder’. Only could happen in a Le Grind video!

Anyways, “Pillow Talk” is up to Le Grind’s playful standard of put-down pop and then some.

Remember all you clubbers out there, no messing with these Le Grinders. As it’s likeliest they’ll put the sorry tale of wrong doing out there into the world, in the form of a funktastic song!