Just recently up-and-coming London based artist Shaima came right to the fore of our attention with her spicy pop offering “Phenomenal”.

To re-cap, this is a track which intrinsically mixes both urban cultures and Shaima’s ethnic roots rolled into an intoxicating fusion of peppery ignited dance beats, with a kick of fierce about them.

It’s safe to say when I first heard “Phenomenal”, it was a case of pop love at first listen. It was and remains a track that stands out from the crowd. And of Shaima, well the smokey songstress brought a mystical sound sensation to my ears that threw me off course of my daily routines and into a day dreamy, nirvana mindset of zen and karma.

When you’re an emerging artist just starting out there is no need for over complicating on your music videos. In the case of most newbies, they wouldn’t have the budget to do this anyways. It is clear though that somebody has had a whip-round for a reasonable amount of dosh to make a very nicely shot visualizer for “Phenomenal” and Shaima’s grabbed herself a work and play holiday in disguise of making a pop video.

Well no that’s just a light-hearted look at it. The video is crystal clear in its intentions. It’s quite simply about getting to know Shaima and most importantly celebrating her ethnicity and Asian descent.

Sure Shaima’s lived out every budding little Indian princesses dreams of riding across an expanse of desert on horseback with a billowing, cascading length of chiffon silk trailing after her. I must say, Shaima looks inch inch the quintessential miss Bollywood queen dream