Gravitonas 1

Most probably there’s no other place in a pop music video right now whereby you’d be encountering prosthetic limbs, androgynous beings and gigantic brown bear of the animal variety into a cinematic timeframe of 3 and ¾ minutes. Yet it all does happen and with the usual macabre panache that comes from the combining Swedish force of Alexander Bard uniting the Gravitonas and Army Of Lovers on another outing together.

This vision of freakiness comes to fruition in promoting the forthcoming EP “Garden Of Men And Machines” and it’s current lead track “People Are Lonely”.

Aside from the well-dressed freakshow “People Are Lonely” delivers an electronically peppy and stringed guitar embellished beat behind it with Andreas Őhrn’s vocals playing on the melodramatic dynamic like a Lloyd Webber production inside the dark walls of Tim Burton’s mind.

That all said, “People Are Lonely” does make an enticingly obscure but thoroughly likeable pop song, right down in parts to the Neil Tennant like presented vocals that dart into focus upon hitting the chorus.