The arrival of Autoheart’s sophomore album “I Can Build A Fire” is almost upon us, and that means the band are ready to give out a further taste of what can be expected from their newest collection of tracks.

From the optimistic tone of introductory track “Possibility”, Jody, Sam and Barney go in deeper lyrically and narratively speaking on follow-up “Oxford Blood”. Once again, as explored within their debut album “Punch” the band assist in raising the profile on perceptions of gender fluidity.

A truly empowering video directed by Prano Bailey-Bond and starring gender activist Rain Dove, depicts the essence of the track. A love story, viewed in a fantasy sense.

Autoheart say’s of the track: “We made it in collaboration with Rain Dove, who stars in it. We want you to share it, to start a conversation. Is Rain a guy, or a girl? Both? Neither? Does it matter? Why?”

With Rain further commenting: “The world is in need of so much good, we can’t limit each other based on simple aesthetics. If I took away your arms, your genitals, your eyes and ears, you would still be you. You are something bigger.”

The subject matter here is not only portrayed in an informative and heartwarming way, its candid approach will open the floodgates in your heart to be nothing but proud of the being unique and individual.

Don’t expect to watch this one through without getting more than a little choked-up, as there are so many visual triggers embodied here that will bring on the welling-up of teary eyes to say the least of it.

Sure has the power to take your breath away in the most positively endearing kind of way. Simply stunning throughout.