There was a time when we were exploring all over the South African music scene here at EQ and became musically loved up and enlightened by the hop pop force Locnville. So it’s really cool to return our attentions back to absorb some current freshness South Africa’s developing popular music culture has to offer.

Step forth and wow us Nic Billington!

Durban based Nic provides a super sassy deal of dance peppy electro pop to compliment those enviable cheekbones and toned manliness.

Nic stirs us up here in a new music find frenzy with his intoxicating pop dynamic title track off of his forthcoming debut album “Overload”.

Yes folks, we do agree Nic, does possess that doppelganger Adam Lambert look going on through this video, but in a nutshell, in image savvy terms it just heightens our enjoyment of it more.

Overload - Nic Billington

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