Life Of Dillon

Overload” by pop newcomers Life Of Dillon is a track that has been floating around the interweb for a couple of months or more now, in this quick smart time since the London based trio laid out their catchy infectious pop embraced debut has been actively racking up the play count and with summer not so far on the horizon we hopes, this is the kind of track that could easily continue to build upon the momentum of its sunny disposition and fit itself into the fabric of summer 2015.

Formed of brothers Joe and Robert Griffith and completed by friend David Keiffer, the three chums have been sharing music ideas together for a while although, hadn’t hugely seen themselves as stepping out as a band. All this changed last summer after the 3 friends took a vacation to Brazil, and whilst there met a free spirit living globetrotter named Dillon, whose subsequent life stories left the 3 musicians inspired by his positive attitude and lifestyle ethic into formally kick-starting up together as a band and reflectively take on his name in tribute.

There after it’s been quite a whirl-wind ascension for Life Of Dillon as it didn’t take long before they had Chainsmokers manager Adam Alpert onside as their management also and which kind of reveals why it is that “Overload” has initially been distributed onto the American music scene first off.

Driven by the fact that I’ve begun to see a few UK pop bloggers now picking up on “Overload” I can only be of the opinion that it might be imminently headed for a cross-over pitch into our summer release schedule all too soon.

Hey I’m ready to jump right into summer a little early! and as such, Life Of Dillon’s crafting of free-wheeling acoustic dance pop is a favourable choice of uplifting vibes and all round sun soaked giving character to get me into a suitcase packing mindset.

Talking of which, Life Of Dillon’s summer is already set-up being that they’re signed-up to hop off on tour with Meghan Trainor. So yep from a few months in obscurity Life Of Dillon are hitting it major, so they surely gots to have plans to be bringing this back to the home turf, in blighty.