It’s crazy to think that tastemaker season is already upon us. Increasingly my inbox is flooded with emails daily, promoting emerging artists that are apparently the ones to watch for 2024. I have noticed, however, pop acts were noticeably overlooked in the Radio 1 ‘Sound Of’ series and also the BRIT Rising Star Awards. Regardless, of industry recommendations such as Radio 1 or The BRITS. I still enjoy discovering new pop talents and writing about them. For instance, Lo Lauren is one such up-and-coming act brought to my attention recently. I was initially unsure about the debut release “Never The One” that dropped in June, but the follow-up track “Only One on Earth” has me hooked with its Dagny-like musical vibe.

Listening through “Only One on Earth” for the first time. Lo Lauren’s bright and breezy pop sound feels as though it was crafted by an artist who’s been around for years. It’s hard to believe that she quietly honed her songwriting skills by writing for other artists and appears to have only a moderate amount of live performance experience under her belt. With her tunes getting radio play, it’s no wonder people are wondering where this budding pop sensation came from. Especially, since when noticing she’s not signed to a label.

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I must say, I am encouraged by Lo Lauren. I am impressed by her commitment to her unique sound. Her music is bold, uplifting, and enjoyable, and she has a way of exploring themes of human connection and teenage heartbreak that feel fresh and authentic. I find Lo Lauren to be especially remarkable, since she doesn’t seem to be influenced by current music trends. Instead, she’s undoubtedly in her own lane and thriving on her own merit.

Her first two releases indicate Lo Lauren is shameless in her desire to write happy songs about sad things. With that said, I most definitely want to know and hear more.

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