We have seen LA raised Hayley Kiyoko come into her own as both a singer and actress, in so much that her creative streak in all areas knows no abounds.

The tables really began to turn increasingly for Hayley when she also slipped on her directorial hat for her massively well received empowerment anthem “Girls Like Girls” and it’s a case that she hasn’t looked back since.

In support of her latest release the “Citrine” EP, the focus switches to even more dramatic themes and darkly traumatic content as the attention turns to electronically mid-tempo braced, new single “One Bad Night”.

The pop music video is a short film in essence and it doesn’t mask anything of the wickedness and evil that exists in the world. Especially on the streets at night time, where unscrupulous events are likeliest to unfold.

Once again with her directorial hat on, Hayley has enlisted the assistance of trans activist Erin Armstrong (a.k.a. “Grishno” the first transgender personality to document her transition through YouTube) to portray a warts and all performance of the unsavoury realities faced by the transgender community. In a video that pulls no punches, it throws them! It also kicks ass right back in highlighting, hugely important issues that are sadly encountered in every day life.

Just as there are shady individuals out there, there are countless good Samaritans too and Hayley has gone for the contrast to maximize poignancy and spread a message of hope to everyone.

We can’t lie, this is a toughie to watch in places! Yet in Hayley’s thoughtful direction, it deserves high praises for insightfully depicting the flip sides of human nature in a relatable and genuinely understanding manner.