Photo: Jen Rosenstein

Looks like LA synth-pop duo TeamMate are bumping their rousing anthem “Nothing’s Ever Over” some more. Remember, we wrote about it a few months back!

Well it’s quite right of band members, keys maestro Scott and chick with sticks Dani to do so actually, as the captivating autobiographical track is everything of shimmer and a confidently alluring hit of melody, which when conjoined together make for a spellbinding display of musicality and inspiring story.

An inspiring story it certainly told. Should you have missed out on explanation behind the lyrical narrative, you can shoot back to the previous track review here.

Now furnished with a polished performance based visual, TeamMate are repping this synth-pop sparkler going forward, ahead of making a few gig appearances in the coming months.

As 80’s disco outfit Imagination once sang “Give me rhythm, forget your sorrow, let it all fade away, forget tomorrow, let’s start living for todaymusic and lights” there is everything accountable of this in TeamMate’s dazzling strobe lit promo clip.

I’m really glad that they’ve made something more of this track, since it’s far too good and electronic pop delicious to fall under-the-radar.

What comes through as paramount of “Nothing’s Ever Over”, by far, is the feeling of sheer joy felt of making music together, which above all else unites Scott and Dani with an assured vision of focus.

TeamMate, know this, in musicality, lyrical depth and inspiring personal experiences which is pretty much everything about you, you are winning me, all over!