Times Red 1
They gave us a pop rock funky insight earlier this year into their feel-good tune making and now EQ featured emerging artists Times Red proudly unveil their toe-tapping debut “Not Listening”.

The former X-Factor contestants grow into a wistfully accomplished three-piece of harmonies and swaying sunshine infused pop that goes beyond the realms of wonky pop quirkiness being dealt by a slick delivery of tongue-in-cheek lyrics that are presented with a playful styling of amusing wit from Scott, Staz and Luke, and further circled into the jaunty fabric of the blistering swaggering melody.

In contradiction “Not Listening” is infectiously easy listening material actually,which plays off in a mischievously lovable manner, that would also sit well in match I feel if given to one Olly Murs.

You can’t really argue with the formula of harmonies, humour and sunshine to pull off a summer time hit, so consider it very much in the swagger pop bag already for Times Red.