Even though we have championed him greatly on EQ, we don’t hear any way near enough of anything from Swedish pop artiste Darin these days. So quelle surprise I was kind of taken aback to see a new Darin video pop-up on my YouTube timeline, even more so that the visual in question relates to a track that we first wrote about in 2012!

In search for answers as to why all of this has happened I put myself in the role of super sleuth, but fell ungraciously down at the hurdle of not being able to read or translate Swedish. Ahh ha, all was not lost, as I knew the person I should turn to was Karl who is formidable source of all things Scandinavian pop, and I was right he had all the answers explained on the pages of his own Scandipop oracle.

Nobody Knows” has been designated as a new release in Asia and Australia but by gadds theres still no word on it being made available to us UK consumers though. BOO!

The fact remains there is a new video out there with Darin starring in it and we haven’t heard anything from Darin in way long, so long that he’s even sprouted some facial hair!!!

Aside from the importance and all round brilliance of his pop artistry that we have missed in volumes, we’d be very much thrilled to see Darin’s chiselled cheekbones adorning the pages of EQ once more.

So go for broke indulge in a starry-eyed few moments with me gazing at the wonderment of Darin’s cheekbones!