Cards on the table. I was yesterday, years old when, I found out many people from the UK know a lot more about, the California-based indie-pop trio half•alive than I do. These fans have already helped to sell out the February, Birmingham and Manchester stops on the UK leg of the band’s upcoming “Conditions of a Punk” tour. Whereas I am someone who knows next to nothing about this band. And thus because of this spent the last week becoming acquainted with the trio. Doing so through the latest video released for the track “Nobody,” lifted from the new half•alive album “Conditions of a Punk“.

I understand this is something of new territory for the band. Although it is the trio’s use of synthesizers on the track “Nobody,” that helped me connect with the song right away. On the track, I also noticed the band work a music style that is notably, similar to LANY. This probably explains why it is, that I fell charmed by this track pretty much in a heartbeat.

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The musical shift on this song will broaden the band’s appeal, no doubt. As well as the upbeat pop vibe of the melody, which delivers a burst of uplifting energy. Listening to the track, brings to mind warm summer days, drenched in sunshine. The musicality evokes an outdoor music festival or a drive down to the coast.

Nobody” is a song that has a deep sense of lyricism. The narrative talks about the topics of struggle, pressure and personal growth. Yet, the music takes listeners on a hunt for the nearest venue where they can stomp and simultaneously punch the air. Since this track exhibits the distinctive qualities of a power anthem. Just the job for when the band tours next year.

What’s not to enjoy about the multi-faceted music video. A combination of seamlessly blended digital animation and analogue elements. Watching it, I definitely appreciate the work put into it that makes the clip far more interesting to watch than a lot of performance-style music videos.

Tickets for the “Conditions of a Punk” UK tour are on sale now. HERE

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