alex palmieri uncensored 2

Italian popstar Alex Palmieri has previously shown to us that he is isn’t ashamed to go all out electro-pop in style. Much to our extreme pleasure Alex entertains upon the genre in full throttle measure!

Added to this, Alex does give good choreography performance in all video promotion clips that he serves on his electro-pop embraced creations. He’s like a one-man boyband in this respect.

The tenacious pop performer is soon to release his sophomore album effort titled “Uncensored” and if the short album sampler (below) is anything to go by, expect it to be taking a similar path to debut album release “Back Alive” that was served pumped up in euro-pop splendour.

The full served first single release on the “Uncensored” campaign rolls out with “Nicholas’ Got A Secret”, a track which is heavily fuelled with catchy refrain’s of fizzing melody which pertains to the similarly outwardly pop stylings of Eric Saade, Darin Zanyar, Sergey Lazarev et al.

Alex Palmieri isn’t adverse to showing out statements of bravado and provocative nature’s in his music packages, as he is firmly a bit on the sassy side like that!

A perspective which is dutifully explored on new single ‘Nicholas’ Got A Secret” whereby, it is discovered that the character of Nicholas, (a suit at the office) habours clandestine thoughts of getting jiggy with the all singing and dancing performer who just by chance comes bounding into his office.

Oh surely it doesn’t really happen, surely it’s all wrapped up in his imagination! For answers, hit play and observe the hot-under-the-collar, down to their undies action unfold.

“Uncensored” Album preview – release 28/11/15