We haven’t looked into what’s going down on the Swedish production line for way long now it seems, but it’s always strongly giving of major emerging talent and one of its most noteworthy rising stars within a new generation of EDM making goes by the name of Otto Knows.

This young player made it his mission to earn his stripes and saw his way through to realising his potential by catching the attention of the then Swedish House Mafia’s Sebastian Ingrosso who then let him through the door to his studio and subsequently the young prodigy began developing his ideas into gleaming production pieces made up of room filling melodies. Inturn further going forward to score recognition in accreditation for his co-production of Britney’sWork Bitch”.

It is however, Otto’s new single “Next To Me” that has captured my attention.

You’d not normally find me describing EDM as being beautiful, but “Next To Me” can certainly sit proudly and be defined as such by my reckoning.

This is such a sweet song actually, and made all the more sweeter by a rousingly perfect orchestral arrangement and additionally the adorable kids who star in the video are beyond cute and talented too. Infact, 9 year old Kazuya Murata, is a bone fide yo-yo champion from Japan.

My heart is melting all of over this! I am a puddle of EDM loving, yo-yo appreciating mush!