It’s nice to have Marlene back with new music!

The Swedish pop songstress is in fine form as she presents her new single “Next To Me”, an ode to finding love when you least expect it.

True to the song’s pared down aesthetic of lush waves of sound. Marlene’s irrepressibly adorable vocal performance sits well in the mix of sonic grooves and honeyed-voiced tones. It all amounts to being easy on the ears whilst, playing out as wistfully delightful. Even though the track is somewhat stripped back, this doesn’t make it any less addictive. The melody has a nice little swagger to it which ensures it carries well.

All off the above can be seen coming through in the cute DIY approached video too. It’s captures of Marlene chilling out and taking time at leisure. It is proof that you don’t need a big budget to produce an effective music video, just see that lyrical narrative and visual aesthetics marry up and you’re in business with a worthy music package. Let’s face it, if you’re Marlene and you star in it, the end result was always going to be stunning.