Photo: Phil Smithies

It takes something to sell-out your first UK headline gig when you’ve not even had the weight of a hit record behind you or much outer territory media coverage to raise awareness. However, in the digital age where social platforms exist as an eco-system of fan powered hype creators anything is possible if you pitch it right.

Emerging alternative pop band Transviolet have done a Halsey! Purely by word by mouth generation alone, the outfit have took out a whole London show – happening February 10th at Hoxton Bar and Grill.

Thankfully Transviolet’s instant fame isn’t sensationally over-hyped because everything is as phenomenal as it sounds and is quite the reason I didn’t hesitate to clamor onside in raising their online UK profile under our EQ emerging artist spotlight.

Having just announced performances at the global tastemaker festival SXSW, this just marks another notch for the band in addition to their endorsement in the latest Google Android TV advertising campaign.

You could say the fire is lit on an interesting year ahead for the band, one which I foresee as bringing their radical pop anthems to modernist culture seeking individuals, not just the hipster brigade, but to those that appreciate non-conformist pop.

New Bohemia” is the rallying call to arms in which Transviolet have deployed to do this. From the press release here’s lead singer Sarah McTaggart with more insight about the song

“We are equals. We are not our gender, our race, our sexual orientation. We are not our religion, our nationality, or social class. We are equals. We will not fight the wars of our fathers. We will not inherit the hate and fear of things we do not understand. We will not continue the vicious cycle, using violence to stop violence to stop violence. We will not be told that this is just the way things are. We decide what our future looks like. We are the new bohemia,”

Transviolet aren’t just in it for the kicks, they are out to deliver statements and in doing so encourage the listening audience of this generation to actively shape their own future by being considerately mindful.

On a mission to change the world, is probably a tall order, but to at least invent some change is a possibility which Transviolet are careful to lead on further through the otherworldly new age romanticism of their accompanying visual effort, directed by Ryan Andrews.