The electronic artist known as NZCA Lines, the project of London based Michael Lovett is new to me and almost exactly as the same time the press release rolled in on this one, even my own son who is beginning to show signs of becoming a chip off of the old block like his blogger mother, in expressing an interest in non-mainstream music finds had piped up of his own accord and suggested that I should look into NZCA Lines’sNew Atmosphere”.

Given that blockbuster cult movie “Drive” is on the hot-tip once again with it’s recent Zane Lowe curated re-score, it has maybe given rise to even more respect for it’s 80’s indebuted original soundtrack and placed the 80’s nu-retro style more prominently in vogue just of now than it has been for a while, not that I’ve ever noticed myself that it went out of style to be honest.

Distinctively channelled of an 80’s electronic influence, NZCA LinesNew Atmosphere” feels like it’s arrived at the right time coupled with the fact that Michael Lovett has it all going off on here in terms of the use of vintage analog synthesizers.

The equally impressive video which was produced and directed by Lovett himself concentrates upon a storyline centered around 2 individuals finding their feet on a newly formed planet. It leads to use of epic cinematic visuals of a new worldly discovery nature, with more than the occasional glow of neon lights thrown in for good measure.