10689599_10153597930222010_7000191265237789296_nHave you been locked in the prison of your own mind? To become filled in lies you tell yourself and entrapped in a poisonous relationship when the one you loved just never cared and puts themselves on the highest of pedestals. Your mind is your ultimate torment. This is the story of the latest single from NYC’s Naked Highway entitled “Never Cared”.

What a completely new turn for the guys of Naked Highway. “Never Cared” is a richer production quality unlike anything you’ve heard from them in the past. This is an indication of what’s to come from them- a sparse, more focused and accessible sound. Sy Boccari has stated “Much of our new material is song-focused – back to basics with an emphasis on vocal harmonies.” Clearly! In the vocal harmonies you can really feel the torment in David Lee Rotten’s voice as he’s just ready to escape the mind prison he’s locked in by trying to convince himself that he was in a decent relationship. With the very distant synth that Sy has placed into the song, you have this feel of a drifting reality that David was attempting to hide from.

The video really takes the concept of being locked away in your own darkness to a reality. Using a safe for work visual of BDSM, the video guest stars adult film star Dirk Caber tying up both David and Sy in a physical manifestation of what is going on through the painful lyrics. As they overlook the beautiful harbor from the NYC Meatpacking district, it’s as if the confines of the walls that separate them from the outside world is the equivalent of seeing what is going inside their brain and the beauty that lies beyond those walls of they can just get out of the pain they are in.

This new turn in Naked Highway’s music is very exciting to see what could be a re-invention of the glam pop duo. You begin to feel pure emotion and you get back to the root of what makes pop music special; True meaning behind the music. It will be interesting to see where they go next. For now, we would care if you took a look at “Never Cared”.