Here is a duo who are quite probably the Aussie funklord cousins of Chromeo.

Australian electro-pop sensations Slightly Left of Centre live up to their quirky band name, presenting a light-hearted, but an equally nerdy video for single “Naked“.

I was, introduced to duo’s catchy single a few weeks ago, but I held off from writing about it because I knew there was fun video in the works and the prospect of writing about that excited me more. I am glad I made that decision because the guys have come up with a visualizer which is every bit as zany as I was hoping it would be.

Humourous music videos teeter on the fine line between good and cheesy there, really isn’t much leeway or safety net if they are not, executed well. Slightly Left of Centre have come up with the goods for “Naked”, which they say was inspired by OK Go’s “Here It Goes Again”. (I think everybody says that about videos that are set in a gym though, don’t they?). If the madcap comedy style of Jim Carrey or Mike Myers makes your funny bones rattle, you will appreciate Slightly Left of Centre’s video for “Naked”. It’s pure nerdy fun.

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