QBoy 1

Photo: Irena Dragic

London hip hop artist and DJ QBoy doesn’t miss a trick does he?, as he exclaims through his latest new music offering that “Music Makes Us Dance”. Well it sure does if it is the case that QBoy spins us one of his peppy upbeat tracks at any rate.

True to his word, QBoy has nailed down a beat driven, dance visionary chunk of urban hip pop directed melody, flipping us words covering; unity, meditation and coming together through music, in highlighting awareness of the need for equal rights for all LGBT communities worldwide.

Bringing onboard club kid fashionista and singer Darkwah, the pairing take their party beats out onto the streets of London Town to bust their moves through the grafitti wall art backdrops of the creatively inspired hipster districts of Shoreditch and Dalston.

Beat Ki-kicks the freaks on their feet,
Freaks-ki-kick the beat to the street,
Streets pl-play the track everyday

We are encouraged to play it everyday also, as QBoy is gifting this particular hulkingly vibrant party cut for FREE DOWNLOAD in celebration of the 10th anniversary of his first ever release.

FREE DOWNLOAD: “Music Makes Us Dance” by QBoy Feat Darkwah