Every now and again I fall for the new age synthpop songs. There is something special about a song that reminds you of the joy that music brings. “Move” by Mausi is the perfect kind of going out music. It may even be the theme song for twenty-something hipsters everywhere. The uptempo groove warms you up like whiskey on a cold day. It is simply put the definition of a feel good song.

Sometimes I go through phases where I have one song that sets the tone for an evening downtown. Lets face it, your car ride to the bar can make or break your evening. “Move” combines confidence and fun in one synth heavy tune making it the best pre-night out music. Like the song, the video is a youthful celebration of love, life and friendships. You follow the band as they take you on a funky adventure at some cool spots in Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal.

My connection with “Move” became clear because the lyrics confirmed my way of life. I live by the motto that there are no rules to dancing and creativity. It is a lesson that I recently had to revisit. Once you stop worrying about what everyone else thinks you start to understand who you are a little better.  If you agree press play and dance like no one is watching.