It only took me a few seconds to decide that I had to write about Ace Harper recently when she launched her debut single “Neon Heart“. Her style is fresh and inviting it really, shines out with a tantalising, allure which bubbles over with the confidence of an established artist. The image is a glam pop diva, and although it is a striking form of self-expression, the lyrics and music speak directly with themes of empowerment and are translated into, performance art. Follow up single “Mouth Wide Open” fairs no different.

Musically a comparison to Gwen Stefani doesn’t seem far off the mark, but generally, it seems Ace, is inspired by quite a line-up of female pop-rock icons. Ace has a uniqueness about her which most definitely has a bold look, in a fashion-forward direction. A distinctive image will help to get her message heard, but the lyrics do have the muscle to stand up on their own.

The thought-provoking message in the rallying empowerment anthem “Mouth Wide Open” is about living in the moment, declaring who you are as women and getting your voice heard. The track has a playful groove and a bouncy lingering beat while the supporting music video is visually evocative with strikingly symbolic imagery. Ace is just my kind of spokesperson a bit edgy with confidence, someone who will metaphorically kick down doors for equal rights and trailblaze an undeniably resilient message that all woman deserve to feel good about themselves.

Connect with Ace Harper
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aceharper20/
Twitter: @aceharper
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aceharper/