Autoheart 2

Hurrah for Autoheart, as they’ve just achieved the whammy of releasing both a double AA sided EP and their highly anticipated debut album “Punch”.

Also as part of the present Autoheart bonanza we are served a video for “Moscow” which alongside track “Agoraphobia” forms the current double AA side.

Where “Agoraphobia” deals a sweeping lilting lament, partnering track “Moscow” complements as an upbeat, indie pop toetapper.

What equally makes “Moscow” even more endearing though is not only its idealistic sentiment of being consumed by love, openly and freely, it also hits onto the prevailing topic of Russia’s opposition to LGBT equality.

In timely support to the LGBT movement, Autoheart steer the video to “Moscow” with an on-point visual message that sees two male Russian soldiers declaring their love for one another with a lip-locking kiss in front of the Kremlin.

Autoheart & EQ further invite you to pledge your support to the Russian LGBT community by e-signing this petition.

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