You don’t have to be an outright winner at Eurovision, a novelty act or a seasoned pop star to be counted amongst the most memorable of performers. Sometimes we even find a new emerging artist to our liking. As when we became aware of young Belgian Loïc Nottet and his fantastic contemporary pop entry “Rhythm Inside” during the 2015 ESC competition.

Now Loïc certainly did stir up some interest in us, not only because his take on pop making took a great deal influence from the mellowed out styling which has served as the backbone for many new break-out acts. There is a certain flair in place about him that goes beyond the ordinary, not least of it an enviable dynamic vocal range which he puts to use with a seemingly effortless ease and engaging magnetism.

It’s been a whole year though, since Loïc has been scurried away working up new material that will make up his debut album and it looks promisingly that there will be some movement forthcoming on it through next year, as a new single has now arrived.

The track in question is called a “Million Eyes”. One of the most striking things about it, (not that it isn’t anyway captivating throughout) is simply how great it is just to hear Loïc’s emotively impassioned vocals again. What can be further said of the powering chorus, well it truly sends a tingle of sheer drama and intensity cascading down the spine to in-turn raise up more than a few goosebumps.

Million Eyes” is bold enough to cut a stunning impression with its audio playback alone however, an eerie dark black and white video treatment captializes on the intense impact that the track gives even the better. Coolest of it all we get to see a supple Loïc flex some contemporary dance moves (we bet he didn’t do any of that whilst winning “Dancing With The Stars” (France)) but needless to say, he is of course tres, tres bon at it!