Kazaky 1

Oh my just what are Kazaky up to now!

We are so used to seeing the Ukrainian dance-pop troupe bringing their elegantly choreographed pieces into our vision as conceptual art forms acting in direct complement to their electro/dance pop creations, but I think just maybe we haven’t quite seen the visual like from them which comes with their new single release “Milk Choc”.

Not that Kazaky have ever had any inhibitions as such, they are really giving way to expose more saucy playfulness than they have ever cared to venture into before.

Perhaps in a way we’re a little bit astounded that it has taken Kazaky this long to produce a video that couples up in scenario as an 80’s throwback styled gym buddy workout, but when they break out of their normal style conscious high-fashion attire to that of squeezing their toned torso’s into mankini’s and skimpy lycra leisure wear while pumping iron, someone has definitely turned up the barometer to it’s getting so hot in here.

Let’s face it ogling Kazaky teasing some sinful moves, working up a sweat and dousing themselves down with a full pint of milky goodness is no hardship to watch, if a little off kilter to Kazaky’s usual standards.

The small matter of milk chocolate in all this, a use for it does come into play or could it be Nutella who’s to say?