Years & Years have given us a new song and we couldn’t be more happy about it!

The much in-demand trio of Olly, Emre and Mikey who have seen their “Communion” debut album through with the release of no less than 8 singles total, have penned a new track – “Meteorite” which features on the movie soundtrack of rom-com “Bridget Jones’s Baby”.

This turn-about Olly and co embrace the dizzing embodiment of glistening disco synths into their well-loved signature sound of slick, soulfully infused, house orientated beats. It’s not so much a deviation from what we’ve come to know of the band, as it is the boys letting loose from the confessionally retrospective concepts that ran the course through “Communion” and looking to add some Pop Princess Kylie type sparkle into the Years & Years sound mix really.

All the same, we should just take on-board every glittering note that “Meteorite” has to offer because the band will be heading back to the studio to begin work on their sophomore album in the coming months.