Prides 2

Wow, Scottish synth pop trio Prides just haven’t dropped a note wrong since they sensationally leapt into the glare of the social media tastemakers awareness about this time last year via that tip-off from Glaswegian compadres in synth pop arms Chvrches.

In such a short space of time, the band have gone from a demo to signing with Island Records subsequently releasing the debut EP “The Seeds You Sow” on route at the beginning of this year.

Such is the dynamic draw from their thunderously emblazoned synth pop anthems, the main component of a crowd of eagerly receptive electro-appreciative fans in waiting needs to be fed with Prides beaterifically potent powered offerings, which as good fortune appears to be on their side is to happen in quick succession to their already rapid breakthrough via a support slot on Foxes UK tour alongside showcase slots at both The Great Escape Festival and Liverpool Sound City.

In the amidst of all of this Prides will unleash another terabyte of pummelling beat driven boldness in the dramatically electro heavy-weighted track “Messiah”.

The sheer rousing up draught of the sing-a-long punchy chorus alone is cause for an rapturous encore, which personally I for one simply cannot seem to get anyway enough of gauged by the amount of plays I’ve already given in to this.

Two way priests are seen to take to the road in the visual. Unlike Chromeo who have also recently seen fit to don the robes of the priesthood on “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)”, the tone set by Prides is one of an altogether more sinful picture as opposed to Chromeo’s humour filled caper.

However, I am rather partial to a video that draws you to the edge of your seat when viewing, “Messiah” is delivering the goods or maybe should I re-phrase that to delivering the Gods?!