I can’t say I can in anyway query Prides decisive action in re-issuing their fabtacularly potent electro-pop monster anthem “Messiah”, as a year on from the original issue that formed “The Seeds You Sow” EP release, this hunk of thunderous synth-pop amazingness still remains all killer no filler and has undoubtedly won its place as firm fan and crowd favourite, whenever it is played out.

Like the big man world creator himself, the reasoning behind “Messiah” having a second coming coincides with the highly anticipated announcement of the Scottish synth-pop trio’s “The Way Back Up” debut album release, which inclusively with their other blisteringly dynamic singles “Higher Love”, “Out Of The Blue” and “I Should Know You Better” is scheduled to drop its arena sized pop lot into all good digital outlets on July 10th.

In all in, all’s good with Prides going for a take-two on a visual for “Messiah” as the original promo didn’t actually feature the band. This new interpretation has the band behind their trusty synths and centres it’s storyline around a young lady scurrying down a street, who has oopsie bumped into and dropped her rucksack at the feet of Prides front man Stewart Brock. As Stewart obligingly helps the young lady back on her feet, she then goes onto encounter some weirdly wonderful side-affects from being touched by Stewart’s god like helping hand. Oooh errr seems he really is a wizard of sorts and not just behind the synths!

To further coincide with the album announcement, here’s where to find the very good teaser sampler and if you’d perchance further like to get your rocks off to Prides tuneage at an intimate album launch show in London, exclusive access to these tickets comes available when placing a pre-order at Prides webstore.