Rixton 2

Although we have been aware of them for sometime now, they swaggered onto the EQ pop radar just recently and currently have much of the youth population of the USA fawning all over them! Of course, we are referring to the fab pop 4 from Manchester, emerging artists Rixton.

Since we have previously nailed down a feature and review of Rixton’s bang tidy lead track debut of “Me And My Broken Heart” which painted us a pop formula that first went via Olly Murs and then onto Maroon 5 before ending up at Rixton. There isn’t a whole lot more we can further add with regard to the track other than to illuminate on an after-thought that crossed my mind, isn’t this kind of the direction that British manband NOT boyband Lawson were last seen taking their music too when they came back to the UK after taking flight over to the USA for a bit? Seems similar if you ask me.

To reiterate, our up-to-date opinion, “Me And My Broken Heart” still remains rather pop crunchy and boptastic to our ears and also now has a video to go with it.

The handsome band members win some girl attention, but are they savvy enough to look past the beauty and brains of these scamming gurlies, who are out to catch the boys off-guard with their overall seemingly alluring loveliness and con the boys out of $10,000 or are the Rixton boy’s minds blown right out of town by the charming femme-fatales?

There is only one way to find out isn’t there? So DO IT, hit play and find out!