Here comes the hot hip-pop stepper Alexa Goddard, now signed to Roc Nation after racking up millions of views for her YouTube covers.

Alexa’s debut single “Marilyn” is possibly not what you’d be calling the most creatively inventive of pop offerings, nonetheless it is thoroughly more than pleasant ear candy, albeit a bit repetitive of lyrics (by the end of the track you’ll certainly know most of the words for sure!)

Anyways my inclined impression gleaned with this choice of release is that Roc Nation and Alexa felt it prudent to showcase her bubbly fun-loving personality from the off-set and in that box, “Marilyn” completely fits with a verified tick beside it.

Directively set to a percussion pulsating rhythm of blips, claps and momentary flashes of dubsteppy wobbles, Alexa’s promising pop suited vocal carries the word that “I don’t want to be normal, I want to be someone like Marilyn Monroe” a statement that is clearly made!

Marilyn” definitely scores points for being insanely catchy though, in a cheery light-hearted way. Although, for some the track is likely to be seen as the equivalent of pop-marmite to be honest.

The video is pretty much Alexa playing dress-up in a range of bobby socks, pretty frocks and parading around in them in downtown / beachside LA.

I have an inkling that Alexa has much more to give, so I’m just going to enjoy this for what it is. “It” being a vivaciously happy-go-lucky introduction.