Right now this song is hitting home to me in all sorts of ways.

After a time of reflection and re-prioritizing the things that are important in life, it’s always “healthy” to remove people who do nothing but harbor negativity towards you. Frankmusik hits the nail on the head with this theme in his latest track “Map” which sees him going back to his roots in soulful electronic pop poetry.

Frankmusik is a complex character. Sometimes I think he’s a bit too much, cocky even. But sometimes I also think he’s a beacon of light in the darkness with his best working coming from the tortured soul he sometimes makes himself out to be. Regardless, his true talent speaks for itself in songs like “Map” and I’m glad to see him come back to music a bit more humble, a bit more true and a bit more himself. The awkwardly cute boy from Croyden who can make beautiful electronic music that resonates with today’s youth and deep thinkers alike.

Get to know the new Frankmusik over on his website.