Alex Palmieri

All singing and dancing Italian pop performer Alex Palmieri comes through with a high energy bop of the dynamic electro-pop persuasion.

Having being brought to our attention last year via the poignant electro-pop waltzer “Wasted” and subsequent “Back Alive” EP release, Alex returns with duel-purposeful new single “Maniac”. Duel purposeful in the sense that “Maniac” acts in continuation of Alex’s autobiographical storytelling of his aspirational journey into becoming recognised as a pop-star, along with serving “Maniac’s” secondary function as the theme tune to the up-coming LGBT web series “Just Us”, which tackles the plot concerning love-struck Roberto who embarks on a new relationship whilst actively still holding a torch for his ex.

We sense they’ll be some heat with this scandalous scenario and it hasn’t even started yet, we’d best get signed up we don’t want to be missing out on all this juicy action, do we!

The video clip which first accompanies the incendiary pop song “Maniac” sets its attention in recognition of a newly developing, and budding pop singer who is out to gain some attention by facing a panel of judges at audition. Serving as a reminder that whatever the considered opinion or outcome might be, the over-riding factor in the quest to succeed is to first believe in yourself.

WARNING! Comes with unashamedly euro-visionary appeal!