Swedish MC/Singer Elliphant has just released a humungous pop song and although it is humungous, it is giving of all out reaching anthemic power whilst remaining true to Elliphant’s infectious style served of hip pop swagger and dancehall culture.

To use Elliphants full name, Ellinor Olovsdotter has made a leap in this performance, “Love Me Badder” still stretches into the realm of her former in-your-face attitude but there’s no denying that the full richness of this song is so intoxicatingly switched on in badassness that it is positively in a class all of its own. Along with the visuals too which are giving of a right old action packed tale of love, relationships and living life on the edge.

Just hit play and try to tell us you’re not singing along with this already!

Bravo to the Swedes once more, it’s pretty darn unavoidable to allude the clutches of the triumphantly turned pop hook that carries “Love Me Badder” into a legitimately soaring pop song.

Very much hoorah for that!