Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique

Photo: Christoph Voy

Sheesh! Well make no mistake, it’s taken Robyn & her La Bagatelle Magique project comrades a fair while to send out a full promotional video on their summer debut EP release “Love Is Free”, the Robyn assisted track you either equally loathed or loved like marmite!

The acid house trippiness of poppers o’clock delirium that was the EP’s title track “Love Is Free” is brought back right out into the spotlight as the festive season merriment commences and office parties begin to get in full swing. Particularly seems like psychedelic house music and honking rave horns would quite fit into the celebration of feasting and excess and partying it up, actually.

More’s to the point of why this video is now out. Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique have a whole load of NEW 12” triple gatefold vinyl editions of the EP to off-load and these are now available in Robyn’s web-shop, if you fancy one in your Xmas Stocking.

What kind of video treatment might befit a chaotic house track which packs in a multitude of styles and genre’s?

The answer is one where Robyn goes hyper hyper, jumps up and down & writhes about on her bed with her pop pal Maluca who features on the track servicing her quick-fire rapping.

Further into the visual it looks as though there is a party about to get started in every room in the house and there is a complete sugar overload of sweet treats and honey bees which are keen to spark some reference to the hyper hyper high that this frentic track and frantic visual deliver.

Like the mix and match ethic of the track itself, the video is more of an unconscious collage of visual ideas, but anyways it’s rather lovely to see Robyn cut loose in this way.