Circuit 21 2It’s a bold soul that sets forth to cover a cult disco classic, but I don’t consider for one moment that Robert Brown, former front man of pop sensational BearForce 1 – the Dutch hairy equivalent of the Village People, has ever been intimidated by the notion and had anything other than a clear cut vision of a pumped up, high energised anthem etched in his sights.

Brown now performing under the name of Circuit21, alongside Graeme Laverty and Bobby Murray, re-mould the E.G. Daily iconic tune “Love In The Shadows” to bring it up to speed with a distinctly European perspective.

Treated with a modern wall to wall sound of electro euphoria, Circuit21’s colourful re-imaging of “Love In The Shadows” is now gleaned and on course to stir up favour with the party animals in the clubs once more.