Albania has an excellent record for producing, very good female vocalists, who in the past few years have been dominating the pop charts worldwide. I just got word about an emerging singer in the ranks, Mimoza (her real name.) What I instantly love about her music is that it is styled with an upbeat flavour and has a characteristically European suited vibe. Since making a name for herself by writing hit songs for other artists, she has jumped right in launching her solo career. A sophomore single “Love For Days” is now doing the rounds. I think the readers of EQ will appreciate the summery pop grooves of the song, as it is sure to keep the chilly winter blues at bay.

With “Love For Days” Mimoza brings us a song which encourages us to fill our days with positivity and love. What couldn’t possibly be a lovelier thought and that? It’s a catchy little track too, full of energy and verve. The kind which is able to bring on a full beaming, Colgate bright smile. A definite injection of colour on the pop landscape and which raises a glass to spread love in all of its forms.

The music video to the song, has a real get to know Mimoza vibe. It might be best to describe the clip as intimate since we first catch sight of the lady in question hanging out her laundry while singing the song, wearing nothing, but her undergarments. She is a vision of sweetness and kindliness with a very warm smile. And has a voice which is so riveting and welcoming it will leave you feeling all the happy feelings. Her talents alone speak loudly, but the singer’s warm-hearted and friendly personality is what makes her stand out from the crowd.

Connect with Mimoza
Twitter: @itsmimoza