Magalie 1

It seems ages since I’ve had cause do this ……… SOUND THE POP ALARM! There is actual proper pure directed pop being made from London Town.

The pure pop embracing artist in question is Magalie who, yes on first glance could quite be considered a double for Rita Ora. And guess what? the Paris born raised in London singer is proudly popsessed as she’s had the best of mentors in Guy Chambers and Taio Cruz to build upon her potential.

Mark your calendars as May being the month of widescreen pop abandonment as Magalie’s debut EP “The Love Criminal” is out, with the title track going some way in showcasing Magalie’s brightly ignited sound.

There is an overall sense that Magalie’sLove Criminal” has stepped out of The Breakfast Club era of cult teen movies, being that the sound is so evocative of this, all what is needed here is a flashback of Molly Ringwald in a pink dress and then we’d be right back there in time amongst the cool kids of the day.

We’d certainly think the topic of being infatuated with someone unavailable or being caught in a moment with a “Love Criminal” would be up for discussion at any rate.

Magalie appears to be taking it all in her stride though, as she struts her way bossing it in and around these dudes in her video. Quite right too, applause all round for Magalie in boldly going forward with such a pop infectious sound.