We are now 4 cuts in from the Neon Jungle ladies and the four visually striking hot mama’s have landed a touch slower of a power anthem in “Louder”, but fret none there is still plenty of Neon Jungle edge about it, even if it does sound a little like something that Kelly Clarkson would deliver unto us.

Anyways “Louder” is probably the best of Neon Jungle yet to really put on show the strengths and mightiness of these powerhouse vocalists, and yes whilst, we adore everything freshly spiced and spliced in pop creativeness that has gone before, it is rather a good choice to be showing out another side, aside from all the roar and attention grabbing pummeling hot beats, not that “Louder” doesn’t carry some of this weight too it.

Louder” comes in just ahead of the debut album release of “Welcome To The Jungle” and if it had been anybody else had released this towering pop number, we would be chirping merrily about its vastness. Don’t get us wrong “Louder” is showered in epicness, it’s just that in Neon Jungle’s case a pop/rock suited anthem is notably a slowie for them although, a powerhouse slowie at that.

If you like a video which is chock full of ruffling wind-machine action and emotively outreaching performance then “Louder” is definitely the visual for you to be getting an eyeful of.