The momentum is gaining pace from Xenomania/Sony pop starlet Florrie, since recently returning to the pop radar with her familiar signature sounds etched upon “Wanna Control Myself“, “Free Falling” and the more experimentally assisted “Seashells” the three promotional releases off of the “Sirens” EP, the Florrie fandom and tastemakers alike are more than geared up for the release of the up-and-coming pop singers highly anticipated debut album, slated for a release sometime in the not so distant future.

In continuation of the build-up to this much desired longing playing debut Florrie generates more buzz by filtering out a new promotional single to us “Little White Lies”, that first made a tentative impression through a dub version of the track which is to be found included upon the recently released “Sirens” EP.

The, to radio edit of the track itself brings a steerage through the perpetual motion given off of a soaring synth melody balanced and intertwined by Florrie’s substantial drumming skills and airily sweet directed vocals, which all package together as the track fastens pace to reveal a gloriously elevated chorus, much in the strength of music character which lies at the heart within the bulk of Florrie’s previous works.

Visual representation of the potentially flourishing disco banger, opens to reveal Florrie sitting comfortably behind her trusty drum kit situated in an open field, no doubt so she can really crash, bang the hella out of them to her hearts content without troubling her neighbours so much. Whilst, also including a section whereupon the pop lovely is seen to be releasing a bouquet of flowers which actually turn out to be made out of plastic carrier bags. Whilst I am all for recycling and putting an alternative use upon items we readily disguard, I am a little eco concerned by the nonchalant nature of this action regardless of how overall pretty it all looks.

We are then taken back inside as Florrie joins up with her backing band to stomp out more of a performance upon the track. Here there are more floating carrier bags to be seen and a really quite striking plume like sculpture made up of them also. All sits fine with me when these everyday items are within the confines of four walls though.

Moreover, I won’t let it this matter deter from the resounding euphoric brillance that is given of from this headily radiant track in the first instance.