Will Young

We did receive a bit of an intriguing awakening in introduction to Will Young’s upcoming album “85% Proof” via the vibrant visuals and old skool soul throwback styling of “Love Revolution”, one that definitely placed us in an area of uncertainty of where this album was actually aiming itself. Although have since been given the insight that the thought process behind “85% Proof” relates to a creative reflection of Will’s extracurricular activities in the creative arts sense post the “Echoes” album.

Whether you loved it or not “Love Revolution” with all of its over-the-top wackiness did its job of creating impact and perhaps that was part of the plan all along, as the next track reveal is already here and more placed within the scope of pop sensitive balladry which has always been Will’s particular trump card. I consider it a wise move to be getting this one out so swiftly.

Quite possibly in direct contrast to “Love Revolution”, we have never seen Will plunge so deep into the dark themes as we see before us now in “Like A River”. Whilst, the acting career certainly comes to the fore in the dramatic video clip also.

This video concept relates to the legend of the Minotaur and conquering demons, but shucks Will only has to open his mouth and sing like this to captivate me.