Hurts 1

Hurts are certainly feeding us some interesting variants upon their signature dark pop sound with regard to the material coming to light in the promotion of their upcoming album “Surrender”.

The latest in the run of single releases “Lights”, doesn’t massively conform in likeness to anything we’ve heard in Hurts repertoire previously. Although in saying this, it is the first that we’ve heard of Theo and Adam collaborating solely with producer Ariel Rechtshaid. Interestingly, from what I know of Ariel’s work this track doesn’t fit the pattern that I would have necessarily associated coming from the Grammy award winning producer either.

If truth be told, when the audio recently went live on “Lights” it stirred up mixed feelings for me. What I was hearing certainly didn’t sound like the Hurts I’ve come to know and revere. It’s been somewhat harder to come to terms that the lords of dark pop have indulged in going disco-ish, albiet dark moody disco of course.

Now the video has dropped, it has definitely aided in altering my initial reaction to the track. Much to my mind “Lights” needs this video to fully secure the appreciation of the duo’s bold decision to go experiment in other directions.

Actually, this album is starting to feel like an album of two halves. We were totally won over by the song “Some Kind Of Heaven” yet the video didn’t have the wow factor that we hoped for. Follow up release “Lights” is quite these opinions in reverse.

Set in a nightclub, we look in at Theo a little worse for wear and under the influence of downing a Shandy too many. (Actually I’d be lying, if I said this look wasn’t sending my pulse racing. I think, just by merely watching I’m experiencing the effects of having my beer goggles on.) Boy meets girl in the club ritual ensues and into the bargain we get to marvel at just how slinky on the dancefloor Theo is.

Events do take a turn, so you’d best watch up to see where the plot takes the storyline. Let’s just leave it at this, expect it to get a bit messy!

Warming to the song. Full marks for the video.