Lena Katina

Since those t.A.T.u. days when Lena Katina and Julia Volkova headed the charts with their somewhat landmark debut of the time “All The Things She Said” the Russian duo have been slated as one of the top names and internationally successful musical exports outreaching their Baltic shores, remaining so, even after they called time on the project a few years.

Forging new solo directions for themselves, this interim period has seen blazoned haired Lena hit the limelight with a couple of tracks “Never Forget” and “Melody” released over the last couple of years, whilst continuing to build her own identity aside of t.A.T.u., working towards her debut album.

With assurance that the album is almost ready to roll, Lena now heads up by introducing new catchy pop single “Lift Me Up”.

A full blown pop anthem bursting at the seams with happy love ringing from it’s every chord, “Lift Me Up” is weighted with the feel good factor, and pays tribute to Lena’s legion of hardcore fans that have supported her journey of re-invention.

In a super cute move, Lena is seen in the video clip, pinning up snapshots of her fans with their own ‘Lift Me Up’ slogans of support.

Aww this is just the most heart-warming, pop bundle of euphoric love that has twitched its way into my ears for many a week.

Watch now and feel it’s instant happiness take affect.